On Levity

Hey there. Angi needed a little more time to compose her thoughts, so you get me, John, instead! …hey, come back here! She’ll be back next Wednesday with further thoughts. Until then, here’s some words from my head. I am  a firm believer in the power of humor as a literary tool. I read a… Read More On Levity

A Tale of Two Lemons – Angi’s Thoughts on Lemonade (PART 1)

So for those of you who don’t keep up with mainstream media, last Saturday, Beyoncé put out LEMONADE through HBO. A special that was about an hour and change long, and, in the style of other iconic stars like Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson and others, was a feature-length music video type affair, where spectacle is… Read More A Tale of Two Lemons – Angi’s Thoughts on Lemonade (PART 1)

Word Economy!

So, I was kind of inspired by to write this post because of the little twitter contests that go on nearly every day for the writing community. Twitter, by nature, is a place where you have to boil down your thoughts into the most succinct way possible. Sure, you can ‘cheat’ by posting a screenshot… Read More Word Economy!