About Us!

John Kayser, III

Born in CT and raised on the internet, John is a lover of all things video games, cartoons and pop culture trappings. He favors dialogue and comedy over drama and action and typically prefers a nice quiet coffee shop over a crowded bar. Friendly, loud, and honestly one of the nicest guys around. Pleased to make your acquaintance. He’s responsible for the financial side of things, and likes all the numbers placed out in front of him. They’re easier to catch that way.

Angelique Beau-Wells

Born in FL and never wanted to leave, Angelique loves music, movies, and terrible fan fiction. Prefers action to dialogue but doesn’t mind the drama that comes for exposition. Loves architecture, settings, and world-building. The idea girl, who is also loud and really pleased to meet you. A little bit southern and sassy, but is also very shrewd. She’s responsible for any contract and legalese negotiations, and also in charge of the social media platform game.

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