Apex of the Songbird – A Look Back on Season 1

Sup. John here. I got some thoughts I wanna share!

It’s been a trip, hasn’t it. Both us writing Apex of the Songbird, and you all for reading it!  While we direct our creative flow toward some other projects, I thought I’d talk a bit about how we got here.


Angelique and myself started work on Apex in July of 2010, not long after we started working on what would later become the first iteration of our first novel. Said first novel is a Victorian-era urban fantasy of sorts, and gods willing, it’ll be unleashed to an unsuspecting public someday. But we wanted to try something scifi flavored. The conversation went something like this.


Angi: “I wanna write something new!”

John: “Like what?”

Angi: “I dunno. Something in space!”

John: “…alright then.”


…and away we went. Proto-versions of Zane, Ash and Jayna were made up on the spot and went on a series of largely-improvised adventures, with no real plot or direction. Of course, it wasn’t called Apex of the Songbird then. We just called it “Space”. And since we’re both huge goofballs, we’d start mispronouncing the word “space” every time we wanted to play with it, which eventually lead to the working title it carried for years: “Spache”. (Pronounced “spa-CHAY”.)


Eventually, we hammered out something resembling a coherent plotline for “Spache”, and also started to get a bit more serious with it, building the world and writing early versions of what would later be some actual episodes. We Be Legend was waiting on the backburner for ages. Let me tell you, we were happy to finally get that one out.


And not long ago, our little story, under a new, much better title (which Angelique thought of, as she does with most of our works) began a new and final rewrite, which is what you all have been reading over the past year-and-a-bit! And I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing it.


Currently, we’re working on a final edit of what will hopefully be our first published novel. (Not the Victorian one. That’s going to be a much more ambitious project.) As that project nears completion, you can watch this space for news related to that, as well as for other stuff!



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