Welcome to Me!

Hello, internets! You can call me John. Because that is my name. I’ve been dabbling with writing for the better part of my life. I finished my first novel at the age of fifteen or so, and if I have my way, it will never see the light of day.

It wasn’t until I met the other half of this team that I really discovered my passion for writing. Mostly because she dragged me kicking and screaming into it. But I don’t regret a minute of it. I’ve accomplished more with her than I could have ever done on my own.

You’re probably expecting some lengthy diatribe on what writing means to me. Well, you’re a very astute reader then. Give yourself a cookie. Go on, you’ve earned it.

In the interest of not dragging on for too long, I just love to tell stories. Yeah, I know, CRAZY, right? So I may not be particularly unique in the annals of amateur writers. But you know what I do have? …Let me get back to you on that one.

Through this strange little site, you will take a journey into the depths of our creative spirit. Wipe your feet on the way in and remember to exit through the gift shop. Stick around, and hopefully we can tell you a story that you’ll enjoy.


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